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Deleted forum discussions should go here.
622by Hawk xHawk x
28 Jan 2008 22:32Jump!
These are open to everyone for Application posts and silly things that don't apply specifically to Guilded members.
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Apply for the guild
11by MekanikMekanik
09 Jan 2008 17:29Jump!
Post any cool videos or funny jokes or anything at all that you want.
22by MekanikMekanik
15 Feb 2008 22:48Jump!
This is where you'll find any requirements for the guild and as a player that we are looking for in a Raider and Guildmate.
13by MekanikMekanik
15 Feb 2008 22:40Jump!
Post here to Request Access to the Private Forums.
11by AmeretatAmeretat
02 Feb 2008 17:30Jump!
Sons of Liches Forums
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Post about current Applicants and Initiates. Be honest, but not too brutal.
Post here about things that apply to the Guild as a whole, such as Raid Times and the like.
49by DracainDracain
25 Feb 2008 20:35Jump!
This is a list of all of the raiders and their specs.
11by JinaiJinai
14 Jan 2008 17:14Jump!
Post here if you're going to be MIA from the game for more than a day or so.
48by MekanikMekanik
15 Feb 2008 22:29Jump!
Raid Signups and Schedule
Sign up here for any and all raids.
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429by VirulaeVirulae
22 Mar 2008 02:49Jump!
221by LediardLediard
21 Feb 2008 02:47Jump!
Class Forums
Post Specs, tips, tricks, or anything that might apply to the classes.
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11by ZarymZarym
09 Jan 2008 20:16Jump!
11by MekanikMekanik
15 Feb 2008 22:43Jump!
12by MekanikMekanik
15 Feb 2008 22:45Jump!
12by DellingDelling
25 Feb 2008 03:41Jump!
23by SombersonSomberson
15 Jan 2008 22:47Jump!
11by ScricheScriche
09 Jan 2008 18:39Jump!
11by ZarymZarym
09 Jan 2008 20:13Jump!
Officers Forums
Discussion relating of/to the leetness of the management
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Post about members, any warnings or things to keep an eye out for.
Post about what needs to be done or what needs to happen.
21by JinaiJinai
15 Jan 2008 23:39Jump!

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